Twelfth House Natalnoy Cards

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The meaning of the twelfth house natal chart is the growing influence of karma on human life and activity. In the twelfth house summarizes the vital actions and acts human, and the development (or degradation) of the human soul subordination of human secret, hidden (from him) the laws of karma and life. This house restricting human circumstances, restrictions on his personal independence and freedom, all the secrets hidden and unmanifest in life, work person or his forced stay in the field of insulation: in prisons, correctional facilities, psychiatric hospitals, prisoners, work or residence rights in closed, secret agencies, special services, closed Research or laboratory, secret production (used to say – in mailboxes). Twelfth house governs involuntary emigration (as opposed to a voluntary exile on the ninth house), a place of exile, expulsion rights of society. But there is a voluntary withdrawal from the world of the twelfth house. This is life in the monasteries, in the 'wilderness' (holy retreats from the world), life away from the people, for example: in the woods, mountains, deserts, prairies, islands, etc. This is done to increase of man's spiritual level, or gain mental, phenomenal abilities, intuition and direct communion with God in prayer. All the intelligence and espionage service, not only government but also commercial, private – this is also the twelfth house. Any person who carries out spying, espionage or intelligence, is under the predominant influence of the twelfth house. Twelfth house natal chart contains all the secrets of life people and the opportunity to reveal these secrets.

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