Moscow City Council

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HOW TO BE A JUDGE IN THE USSR judges were well paid and have been elected, compiled lists, vote for them. What now. So who are the judges in Moscow? In Moscow, 33 district courts and the Moscow City Court, and 248 parts of the world judges. Total of about a thousand people. Each judge has a secretary and assistant.

Plus, district offices of the states in the courts. What you need, what would become a judge. Justice of the peace: official age of 25 years, higher education in law, legal experience of 5 years, the lack of "discrediting the grounds" that can serve as a basis for rejecting the candidates, the absence of certain diseases. It's funny but it can serve as a negative factor that circumstance if the candidate – A candidate for attorney justices of the peace in its documents and judicial department of Moscow is waiting for about 2 months, then was invited to the exam, take an examination, which consists of 3 questions and 2 problems the exam, 2 hours, an oral exam. Allowed to use "nekomentirovannym" legislation must pass the exam on the 4th, then waits for verification of their documents 5-7 months., Then the candidate receives an invitation to the qualifying board, which examines the materials of the inspection of documents, asks his questions to the candidate and recommend or not recommend it to the judge. Further documents are signed by the chairman of the Moscow City Court, which approves or rejects or candidate and forwards the documents to the Moscow City Duma in Moscow City Council … Read more that his vote shall appoint a judge or reject.

Initial probationary period for the magistrate – 3 years. Then re-qualification Board and City Duma and the approval of a judge is for life, that is, to 62 years. District Judge: almost the same as in the world but, first, is now almost impossible to immediately become a district judge, but only "after serving time for a world" (this informally), and secondly, the district judge approved the Moscow City Duma is not, instead of the Moscow City Duma included a chain of approval of the Supreme Court, the approval of the Commission for judges of the Presidential and accordingly signing of the decree by the President of the Russian Federation. Initial probationary period for district judge – 3 years. Then re-qualification board and the Moscow City Duma and approval of a judge is for life, that is, to 62 years.

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