Internal Revenue Service

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There also the 'middle class', which usually referred middle managers, skilled workers, government officials and small businessmen, etc. According to the survey, undertaken by Gallup, 48% of Americans who are annual income less than $ 20 thousand announced that they have enough money to live comfortably. The higher the income level of respondents, the more they are satisfied with the quality of their lives. However, among people with incomes in excess of $ 70 thousand per year, 5% of the respondents stated that they do not have enough money to lead a decent life. Costs now only 56% of U.S.

households have savings. According to the organization Consumer Expenditure Survey, the average American household spends annually about $ 40 million with this 31% of Americans spend, paying for housing. 19% of family budgets spent on transportation, 13% – on food, 10% – to pay for insurance and contributions to pension funds, 5% – for utilities, entertainment, etc. Several other statistics operates Tax Service SShAInternal Revenue Service. According to them, the average American family income before taxes is $ 47,507.

If from this amount, deduct the taxes, which accounted for an average of $ 9,401 from each households, we can see that the remaining amount of $ 38,106 is much lower that Americans spend on personal needs. American household spends annually on $ 1,412 more than the officially earns. According to the Institute of Insurance InformatsiiInsurance Information Institute, the average American household spends on the purchase of insurance policies $ 2.4 thousand per year.

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