Land City

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The hidrogeolgico potential of aqufero constitutes the water outflow that this can supply, as well as the capacity of storage and recharge. FIG. 4 presents the regional variation of the hidrogeolgico potential in South APA e, consequently, in the city of Itabirito, which is placed in the south portion of the APA. Figure 4? Hidrogeolgico potential in the APA Sul.Fonte: IBRAM, the 2003, In accordance with IGAM (2009), not yet have a considerable use of underground waters in Itabirito, when compared with the grants of the city of Brumadinho that totalizes 25 grants for catao of underground water (IGAM, 2009). 3.1.6 GeologiGeologia is the science that the Land, its physical composition studies, structure, properties, history and processes that give form to it (CPRM, 2005). ‘ ‘ South project APA RMBH? Studies of the Environment? Geologia’ ‘ (CPRM, 2005) it served as source of data for this item of geology.

From this it was possible to verify predominant the geologic formations in the city, as well as the litoestratigrafia. In accordance with the above-mentioned document (CPRM, 2005), almost 47% of the area of Itabirito is inserted in the South APA. Its position in this area corresponds to the south portion, represented in the APA in the Upstream block, (FIG. 5). Figure 5? Participation of the city of Itabirito in the APA Sul.Fonte: SAAE (2005) . EstratigrafiOcorrem in the city of Itabirito four main litoestratigrficas units: Complexes Ortognissicos (Bao) and Supergrupo River of Old (the New group Rasp), of archean age, and Supergrupo Mines (groups Caraa, Itabira and Piracicaba) of the Paleoproterozico. Fanerozoicas rocks occur in small tertiary deposits. From tectnicos movements and intempersmo, had a deformation of the crust, in which the rocks had been dug and deposited, starting to occupy areas with varied quotas and declivities, originating the topography of municpio.3.1.6.

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