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Resume to be able the power is critical vision of that the education and the resume deeply are implied in relations of being able basically that of to the critical educational teriozao its character politician. This does not want to say that the conceptualization of what it constitutes a power, in the context of the education and the resume, either a question easily resolvida.' ' The knowledge corporificado in the resume is in such a way the result of relations of being able how much its constituidor.' ' The deep relations between resume and production of social and individual identities, as many times detached in the critical teriorizao have taken the educators and educators engaged in this tradition, to formulate educational and curricular projects that if oppose to the characteristics that make with that the resume and the school strengthen the inaqualities of the present social structure (POPKEWITZ, 1994, p 9). This is the point that it needs to be questioned, the resume is not a question where we can to decide easy, has its implications in the society, the impact in this paradigm in addition can generate conflict with the ruling class. Globalization, Multiculturalismo and Currculo. In the educational field, the resume has passed for a constant change, therefore the globalization process sample that we have the necessity to preserve the relative values to the quality of life and the planet. This homogeneous reaction imposed by the ruling class, intensifies, of increasing form the joint of different movements of affirmation of the right to the difference and the reinforcement of kept out of society groups social and culturally. This makes a deliamento of multiple challenges for education. as to work the resume, which is in constant process? Hardly it will be obtained to make great facts, therefore today we can sees a rupture in the preservation of the cultural values of our people, in some regions still preserves the cultural place, but this culture and not seen by the world.

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