Hector Lacognata

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LANGUAGE AND CULTURE ATENEO GUARANI ohecharamo has omombaa eguasu De las Nieves Enrique rembiapo. Boiler apo Mokoive kyrea "Roa Bastos rembiapo ombohasavo Nane Avanea Eme. 16 Aa'OS OF THE REGIONAL Assumption "N-CENTER OF ATENEO That same Saturday 20 June at 20:00 pm, the Regional Centre Asuncion ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE recall its founding 16 years, with the completion a Fellowship Dinner to be held in the Central Military, Naval and Aviation, located in Mcal. If you would like to know more about Connecticut Senator, then click here. Estigarribia and Takuary (Asuncion). It is Regional Director of the Athenaeum, the Mg. Jungle Concepcion Acosta Gallardo.

On the occasion, will be honored two prominent supporters of the Guarani Language: Dr. Felix de Guarania and Dr. Hector Lacognata, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and responsible for a Guarani Project, the official language of Mercosur which recently was approved by Mercosur Parliament (Parlasur). Heta MBOA has temimboa ehara e onemoaranduva Assumption-Central Regional ijatyta eg pyhare upe 16 th ogueromandua ary has upekuevo omombaa eguasuvo umi mokoive Tapiche katupyry rembiapo Nea e Nane rayhupape Guarani. Terminologist INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR FOR THE LANGUAGES OF MERCOSUR, SAN LORENZO, PARAGUAY, 22-26 JUNE 2009 The Latin Union is organizing jointly with the Polytechnic Faculty of the Universidad Nacional de Asuncion and ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, the Seminar International Language Terminology for Mercosur. The seminar, to be held in San Lorenzo, Paraguay, 22 to June 26, 2009, takes place at the precise moment when the Parliament of Mercosur submitted for approval to the Common Market Council (CMC) which shall meet ithe In July Assumption proximoi the use of the Guarani language as official language of the Mercosur.

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