Arab Revolution

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Today, in the Arab world we attend a general approval of this popular revolution because of its opposition to the injustice. It is also an obligator ticket, after a phase of ' ' bloqueio' ' , which the Arab society crossed. also ' ' unnime' ' accepted, therefore it reflects the voice of the masses; voice that remained much time in wait. The elite and the masses the idea of the expression of the masses by itself is the biggest problem that we face. For more specific information, check out Ohio Senator. Taken root in the imaginary Islamic Arab and, the negative image of the masses and the people in general has been affected for this revolution. Our Arab history is a history of ' ' elites' '. Many pages of our literary, useless patrimnio to sinalar, degraded for this revolution and the masses and the public in general.

They had described it to all as ' ' escria' ' ' ' scrap' ' or simply ' ' people pequenas' '. These pages of our literary patrimnio have few compliments of the masses as it made, There ibn Abi Talib, that Allah is with its soul, saying: ' ' The people of the community are the pillar of the religion, what she congregates the Muslen and the weapon to fight the enemies. ' ' This negative picture of the people also exists in the Ocidente. The English philosopher Thomas Hobbes was the first one to have studied the term ' ' povo' ' in its book ' ' The Cidado' '. It says on the people those that are composed of ' ' brbaros' ' having its love to the war, what the evil makes for its nature. In century XIX, the dutch philosopher, Espinosa explained this idea. Speaking of the people, it &#039 used the term; ' massa' ' that it considers in its Treat Theological-Politician, as a being endowed with great power.

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