German Communists

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Hitler thus violated the Munich agreement he signed. But it was only the beginning. March 21 Germany demanded that Poland's agreement to transfer it to Danzig (Gdansk). March 22 German troops occupied the Memel (Klaipeda), which belonged to Lithuania. In April, Italy invaded Albania and occupied it. The collapse of the appeasement policy became evident. In public opinion, and England, and France a turning point: it became It is clear that further concessions to the aggressors are impossible. Governments are now demanding greater rigidity and determination with respect to Germany.

Britain and France have exchanged notes on mutual assistance in case of attack. During the March – April 1939 all the states bordering with Germany provided the guarantees of military assistance in case of an attack on them. Began a belated military preparations. The immediate threat of military conflict with Germany and Italy immediately raised the question of a possible Soviet role in it. With respect to Germany in principle two possible approaches: either try to negotiate with Hitler, or to fight against it. And she and the other politicians to make the USSR chance to be strengthening its influence in world affairs. However, anti-communism of Hitler, his massacre of the German Communists, the Soviet leadership did not leave a choice. Since 1933 it has become actively support the policy collective security offered by the French Foreign Minister Louis Barthou. This policy was aimed at preserving European status quo, that is the immutability of existing borders. Real success to the creation of system of collective security was signed in 1935 the Franco-Soviet Mutual Assistance Treaty, although the contract and did not include military items, but in any case, the road was opened a joint action against potential aggressor.

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