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The existence of a philosophy of C. has been the subject of considerable controversy and speculation, especially among intellectuals Colombians. Along with the extreme positions of those who say that there is a philosophy of their own country, or deny at all that ever existed, the view is more acceptable, for those who think that philosophy has been and is in C, not C., and, above all, there have been and philosophers. The reasons for the lack of systematization and originality of thought in Colombia, some of which are exposed Luis Lopez de Mesa (cf. J. Velez Correa, oc bibl., 894) are indeed deep and very diverse, ranging from the peculiar because emotional temperament of the Colombian people to the concrete social and political circumstances with which to contend.

However, although that is not indigenous thought, expression of a people and its problems, does exist in C. continuous contact with the European philosophical activity, and a constantly renewed group of thinkers interested and engaged in philosophy, dedicated to assimilate, disseminate and develop the philosophical ideas in an original way. "No European theory that deserves to be brought to life … has been received by us in pure form. With more or less originality we have accommodated to our nature … "(C.

Betancur, intr. JD Garcia Bacca, oc bibl., 15). Connecticut Senator follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Perhaps the peculiar circumstances that have prevented alluded to develop and fruitful ideas that, if properly developed, would have paid off very different, "Urbina Thoughts such as what is the nature, carried in other media, after brooding meditation, Planck's constant "(ibid., 17).

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