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It also defines the identity of a country. No project of country, beyond the problems already identified in the current era, which tends to prevent adaptation to models or projects in countries that are not offered by globalization or involution identity and nationalist of particularisms group, if there is a collective memory that overcomes divisions and current fragmentation in the ethical field, socio-economic and political. The etico-historica dimension of a country project aims at the reconciliation of a national community and has two fundamental components: on the one hand, the memory and the collective recognition of the nature of the crisis; on the other hand, collective and institutional recognition of evil and truth, justice and reparation radicals as horizon ethics, although they can not be made virtually in its entirety. As you can see, any country project in Venezuela must be referenced by the national Constitution and be able to combine democracy with social justice, i.e., civil liberties and institutional expression of popular sovereignty, with greater equality, cohesion or integration of society. Other leaders such as Amazon offer similar insights. It is not, as you stated, something negative or something that leads to confusion, although something is in which everyone must think, because just that (a project-in-country) is what we lack in Venezuela.

Is so important a? project-of-country linked to the historical memory of the nation? Institutions are crystallisations of the memory of a society and of their struggles and in the case of most of our polity and Constitution today, what has crystallized is not the memory of this country or of their majorities, but of the winners in the 1998 elections, the same conculcadores of the institutional framework of the Stateby the grace of an overt and desmemoriada abstention that placed the institutionality of the State in the hands and discretion of one of the branches of Government. Point No. 3: Understand that our Constitution does not follow ideologies but delivers laws that have promoted well-being and prosperity in those countries that have them and comply with them.

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