Anderson Ribeiro

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The land of a device not valley great thing in colonial Brazil, if it is virgin and if the hand of necessary workmanship does not take care of the next harvest. In this agrarian society, the slave is ‘ ‘ coisa’ ‘ indispensable as production instrument, but defeated to a fixed task without possibility of social mobility. In century XIX when if they had established in the Rio Grande Do Sul the great ones charqueadas for salts of the dry meat, part of the pecuarista population will be stabilized around these recent nuclei taking as its model the society agrarian patrimonial patriarcal and: the number of slaves will increase, to the time where its possibilities will be scrumbled to go up the social scale and the controls will become more rigid. In recent months, Amazon has been very successful. Slaves of the fields, the mines, the sertes will live in different ways its relations with the society compels that them to the work. Therefore, exactly ahead of the approval of the law n 10639/03 that sanciona and becomes obligator the education of the History of Africa and the afrodescendentes and its representations, but in the practical this it has not functioned as it would have in this research only three volumes had been analyzed, but already was enough for we perceive that this reality continues the same one, that is, we continue without knowing this giant called Africa. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES FIGUEIRA, Divalte Garci’a; VARGAS, Tristan Joo. To understand History 7 year.

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