Ancien Regime France

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” And is that within the Ancient Regime, we can discover a wide variety of events and historical events that profoundly influenced the evolution of the processes monarchists, as well as the collective conscience of France and the direction of the known universe, such as, for example, intellectual reign of humanism, the profound transformation of the “Reformation”, the violent problems religious, changing economic structures, the “rethinking” of social classes and so on. However, within this order of ideas, to take an overview of reality in this period of history so confused the world is necessary to look, as the crow flies, not only on important aspects of the records of both large “dynasties” French making up the length of time, namely the Valois and Bourbon, but the historical realities that shaped the time elsewhere. Indeed The Valois dynasty are the first in the nation Ancien Regime France, reigning from 1453 to 1589. During the course of this period, which corresponds to the end of the reign of Charles VII and Louis XI reigns (1461-1483), Charles VIII (1483-1498), Louis XII (1498-1515), Francois I (1515-1547 ), Henri II (1547-1559), Francois II (1559-1560), Charles IX (1560-1574) and Henri III (1574-1589), there is a major intellectual activity embodied in the presence of Humanism, the Renaissance and the Reformation, which in turn, mixed with the enormous and rapid restoration inside required after the Hundred Years War, he also result in an active and effective foreign policy. Swarmed by offers, Connecticut Senator is currently assessing future choices. Proof of that was for instance, the reconquest of the territories occupied by the English as were the great estates of Burgundy, Anjou and Bretagne, the latter recovered thanks to the famous marriage of Charles VIII and Louis XII with the Duchess Anne .

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