The Liberating National Alliance

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The Liberating National Alliance, studied in this work, if inserts in this context. 1.2? Groups Politicians In this part we will go to first argue the predominance of the parties federalists in the Brazilian partisan system. Later we will approach first considered political parties as having national scope? Communist party of Brazil (PCB) and Ao Brazilian Integralista (AIB). To broaden your perception, visit Richard Blumenthal. finally, in general way, we will pontuaremos some important factors of the tenentista movement. The existing partisan system reflected a structure politics consolidated in the First Republic. That is, a time that the power politician was exerted basically for the state oligarchies, the political parties would have to take care of to the desires of these elites.

The inexistence of a national party up to 1922, when the foundation of the PCB occurred, discloses that the units of the federacy withheld much more differences of what similarities. It has who says that ' ' nacionais&#039 did not have a tradition of parties; '. When it had alliances, was much more for the pragmatismo politician of what for the ideological union. To this respect, jurist Odilon Braga, contemporary of the time, summarize: ' ' (…) The chronicles of the country are concordant in registering that, in Brazil, the spite of artifices of European imitation, have only had really the two institucional, congenital parties with the nature of our people: of the Government and of the Opposition, that is, those parties that, in saying of the old Nabuco, are periodic and 0ccasional, more or less intense, lasting and impetuous, according to bigger or lesser importance of objects of divergncia' '. Exactly after the creation of the PCB and the AIB, the partisan system little moved. But in 1945 middle, with the creation of Unio Democrtica Nacional (UDN), of Partido Social Democrtico (PSD) and of Partido Brazilian Trabalhista (PTB), it is that we can perceive a change in direction to the predominance of the parties of national level.

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