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The indefinio of the Americans stopped the meeting and numbers in its final text had not consisted on the referring negotiation to the reduction of the emissions. Developing countries had criticized this lack of numbers; on the other hand, for the delegation of the European Union, these questions ' ' they are not decided in one noite' ' determined concrete numbers can be December in Copenhagen for ministers or until heads of State. As one was reasonable or recommendable to wait one day more at least. ' ' Leaders of the world have to perceive that they cannot change science, then have to change the public politics urgentemente' ' (OSRIO, 2009 apud BALAZINA, 2009). BALAZINA reports that the indefinio goes beyond the rich countries, therefore does not have consensus in the group of which Brazil is part (with 77 developing countries more China, the G77), and exemplifica with the order of the small countries that are island, affected for the increase of the level of the sea, for reduction of more than 40% in the emissions of gase-greenhouse up to 2020 in relation to the 1990 levels, goal well less liberal that the defended one for producing countries of oil. Ambientalistas defends cut of 40% of the emissions. The IPCC suggests 25% reduction 40% so that the effect of the global heating are not catastrophic.

However, the formal and informal goals at the moment preveem cuts of only 4% 14% up to 2020, according to calculation of the Greenpeace. The position of U.S.A. is declared of wanting to lead the process of combat to the crisis of the climate, but, still she is rhetorical conditional to the American congress. E, to leave the speech, the necessary country to take a proposal concrete for the second meeting between the negotiators. Therefore, the compass still is of wait for the necessity of being approved by the American Congress as the country will behind participate of the international agreement in substitution to the protocol negotiated in Kyoto twelve years.

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