Canadian Troops

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Rotation of Canadian troops in Afghanistan. The Canadian Defense Ministry has begun to rotate troops its contingent in Afghanistan. The first group of 70 soldiers and officers were sent to Kandahar district 12 February, another 700 soldiers will redeploy to their bases by the end of the month. The ratio of participation in peacekeeping operations in Canada, is ambiguous. Even in 2006, Parliament decided on term limits national armed forces stay in Afghanistan, February 2009. Currently deployed in the country debate on extending the mandate until 2011. This initiative by the Government of Canada, however, a sufficient understanding and support from citizens and legislators, this idea has not yet found.

In January this year under pressure from the United States, Canada strongly criticized the action of the partner countries in ISAF. In particular this applies in Germany, firmly adheres to the position not to send troops to the troubled south of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan, and concentrate on maintaining order and improving the infrastructure of state power in the north country. The Canadian government has expressed its willingness to reconsider its position and start withdrawing troops before the national armed forces in time, if not made adjustments to the allocation of functions in within ISAF. However, while these threats can only be seen as an attempt to demonstrate its independence from the opinions and desires of its southern neighbor, or a planned policy of the United States and Canada to put pressure on their European partners in NATO. For reference. In total, the Canadian contingent in ISAF includes 2,500 troops and officers. And units of the national armed forces have been deployed in Afghanistan six years ago, in February 2002. Losses for the entire period of military peacekeeping operations account for 78 people.

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