Work Integrity

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So you think, feel and believe you live your values at work, shown in the integrity of your work? Take this self-assessment and explore what you are and how you’re at work when it comes to integrity. 1. integrity on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high), how rate yourself with regard to the conduct of work: (a) gossip, (b) intimidation, (c) viewing or downloading porn, (d) theft of physical materials, (e) Stealin intellectual capital, (f) The theft of time, (g) saying truth, (h), taking responsibility for their part of their team projects, (i) making excuses, (j) to be direct, open and honest in their communications, (k) respecting others; (l ) 2. Who or what usually takes our interity? 3. When you are on our integrity, what kind of self-talk do you practice? 4.

Make your needs for control, recognition and conducted security integrity? 5. Do you lie to yourself for being in integrity? If so, why? 6. Does it matter to you that you are out of integrity? 7. Are you using the same definition to define integrity for yourself and others? If not, why not? 8. Does you if others act on our integrty and their actions directly affect you? 9.

Does you if others act out of integrity and their actions affect your team, your unit, your department or organization? 10. Have you ever excuse or rationalize their being out of integrity? If so, when and why? At day’s end, the working day, integrity is all about telling the truth about ourselves, to ourselves. It’s all about the life of this truth. Many of us are very quick to judge and criticize others who act out of integrity. But in truth, and it’s all about the truth, many of us are so prone to break away from our core values and act in our integrity when appropriate, somehow. So how was your self-evaluation?

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