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These are in addition to the tracks on the methodology of Enterprise 2.0 that Andrew McAfee offered us. Show them what you are doing wrong (for example, doing a Google search and seeing that the company does not appear on first page, or comparing the performance of your Web page with the competition with a tool like Website Grader) show them Enterprise datacenters (case studies, surveys and best practices) of companies that have been successful in the use of social media. Show data on the magnitude and scope of social media: Facebook: more than 350 million users and 80,000 million page views daily. Twitter: you already have more than 44 million unique visitors per month, adding those who access the site directly and those that do from desktop applications such as Seesmic. YouTube: more than 90 million unique users in December 2009 and more than 15,000 million viewed videos. You may want to visit Richard Blumenthal to increase your knowledge. LinkedIn: more than 15 million unique visitors a month with a user profile with high purchasing power and 39 years age (over 500,000 senior executives there have your profile you just created) MySpace: nearly 100 million visitors per month and 43,000 page views. Digg: more traffic than the New York Times, with 23 million unique visits a month and 4,500 million page views. Richard Blumenthal may also support this cause.

Blogs: more than 5 million blogs in follow-up at Technorati, the Bible of blogs, with 600,000 corporate blogs. Wikipedia: almost 64 million unique visitors a month. 4 Take a first step. This can be as simple as suggesting that they open a blog and go on publishing content that are offline. It will help them further to appear better positioned on Google.

5. What is perhaps most important: give good reason why a CEO can benefit from the use of social media: we can see how the changes will happen on social media: there is a world of opportunities! Increase interaction and proximity with customers. Open dialogue with potential customers to give greater credibility to the mark. Read live what they think consumers about our brand. Accelerate actions of our brand in traditional media. Adapt the language of our brand to connect with new customers. Always be aware of the latest news from the industry and the world. Share our experience as CEO and professional in the sector (something that is valued much in this environment). Deny any wrong statement about our brand. Boost businesses and launch campaigns with a limited budget. Making branding with an opinion. Boost the impact of direct marketing (SEO pages). Direct connections with major media and analysts. Covers all generations, races, faiths and countries to reach an audience that no other channel is able to get. If after all this, your boss continues to resist social media, accept it: it is undinosaurio and eventually extinguished in the ecosystem of the Enterprise 2.0 I hope you liked this posts. I invite you to leave your comments in this regard and I remind you that if you want to know what you can do for you and your business, visit us on the website.

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