Vice President

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Sunday 25 October 2009 in Uruguay, day of national elections for President and Vice President between front Amplistas and whites and although the Colorados had no chance to aspire to the leadership of the country as it is logical also occur. I’m not very knowledgeable in the subject of politics but do not deny that I love as the vast majority of compatriots. We already voted with my family and it was near noon and enjoy a splendid day, from a warm spring day until a late night of colors and joyful and respectful as we already have custom Uruguayans making him see the world that is says that we are the country in South America with the highest civic education index. I find my lady against the TV waiting for the statesmen to give that more or less already knew but maintaining hope win in first round. The forehead forcefully achievement a whopping 47.5% of the votes of the Uruguayans, whites 28.5% against a 16.7% de los Colorados, added the latter would not give in second turn to beat them either, and what can not find logical this voting system, created by in his time by Coloradas and whites in order to prevent in the 2004 elections the front won and could not avoid it already in first round Tabare Vazquez, thanks to the huge broad front which together defeated them. But the laws are respected and go insurance within a month to demonstrate that the majority always wins. But it is not that I just want to express, and that annoys many Colorados. TV channels are looking for, as it is logical, interviewing leaders of each party after acquaintances primary outcomes and the first are Mujica and Danilo with sour faces and calling their co-religionists to redouble efforts to achieve convincing in just one month to the other half of the population Uruguaya, but while respecting those colors that formerly were those who represented themnothing less than over 170 years of driving.

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