Tucumn congress

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In 9 of July of 1816, the Congress of Tucumn that created the Argentina Republic, with the objective was carried through in Buenos Aires to officialize the announcement of independence and to organize the constitution. Enthusiastic with the success, the other Spanish colonies had given beginning to the release movement, whose scene resurged the figure of Jose Gervsio Artigas. In 04 of January of 1817, after the Congress of Tucumn, came back to fight against the Portuguese and Spaniard who had invaded the Eastern Band, giving beginning to a period of you engage in guerilla warfare that it lasted three years. As Artigas it continued you engage in guerilla warfare with them, the Portuguese victory only became definitive in the battle of Tacuaremb, in 1820. Artigas it did not resist and it was put in a home in Paraguay, where it still lived per thirty years. In the government of Prince D. Peter, the Eastern Province was devastada, the clutter devastated and thus the region was incorporated by Lecr the United kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves, in 16 of April of 1821, with Treated signed in 31 to July, little before D. Joo VI to return for Portugal with the Real Family.

In 31 of July of 1821, Lecor congregated a Congress and annexed it the United kingdom of Brazil, Portugal and Algarves, with the name of Cisplatina Province. After the Independence of Brazil, it commanded our forces against the Division of the Real Volunteers whom before it commanded, therefore belonged to the Portuguese Crown. From January of 1823, the Joined Provinces of the River of the Silver had considered ' ' restitution of the Oriental&#039 Band; ' , but they had found resistance on the part of D. Peter I. In 1824, promoted the lieutenant-general, Lecor managed the Cisplatina up to 3 of February of 1826, substituted for lieutenant-general Francisco de Paula Magessi Tavares de Carvalho, future baron of Beautiful Village.

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