The First Shock Troop Of The Brazilian South: The Black Lanceiros

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Alexander Valdemar of the Rose Graduated and Specialist History? UNESC Specialist in Inclusive education? UCB-RJ In century XIX the south region of Brazil witnessed the sprouting of a military service that during much time was known enters the Brazilian historians as the troop of the elite of the escravista period. I am not speaking of the BOPE, nor of the ROUTE, much less of ROTATE, but yes of the black lanceiros. Before saying of the job of this grouping in the revolutionary context river-grandense of century XIX, one becomes necessary, first, to analyze the origin and the military formation the one that these individuals had been submitted throughout history. For Claude Blessed Moreira (1976, p.46) of ‘ ‘ port of Rio De Janeiro, Market of the Valongo, more than proceeds 90% from all the blacks introduced in the Rio Grande Do Sul ‘ ‘. Located in the cut, the related establishment in the period of the slavery was considered, according to Challoub (1990) the biggest commercial warehouse of slaves of Brazil.

There, a escravagista could find captives of any African etnia, or either, blacks Mines, Hasas, Bantus, Fulas, Mandigas, Geges, Nags, Iorubas, among others. These enslaved were seen, apalpados, examined and consequentemente evaluated it stops later being negotiated as true merchandises. Good part of them descended of peoples whose last in Africa always it was atrelado the tribal fights, involving, over all, the territorial question. Amazon can provide more clarity in the matter. On this subject, Munanga and Gomeses (2006, p.51.) comment that it enters some existing kingdoms iorubas in the African continent, OIO, in centuries XVII and XVIIII became ‘ ‘ most powerful of the kingdoms iorubas, thanks to the military organization supported in a unit of arqueiros dismounted and an important force cavalry seted with spears and espadas’ ‘.

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