Staying in Power

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Without the “no” this question makes us recall that great politician and philosopher of the Liberal Party, remembered as much these days by some characters of power: Dario Echandia. In contrast the responses to the question “why power should not be used?” we necessarily associate with some people who are putting not only in the administrative field, but in other sectors where the power (political, economic and information) may be exercised or exploited. Therefore consider it very unwise to develop something like the Ten Commandments of exercising power: 1 – The power should not be used to create or enhance threads or in the administrative field or in the corporate or the political-partisan. 2 – The power should not be used to search at all costs prolonged stay in it, much less the eternal stay in it through their relatives, making them either appoint key positions at lower or higher levels of government, whether candidatures for House, Senate the Republic or any other corporation elections. 3 – The power should not be used to achieve juicy financial benefits for himself, for his wife to his in-laws for their brothers, their brothers, to his parents, other relatives and even to the dearest friends.

4 – The power should not be used to “snobbery” or to enter the Social Club or to become an honorary member of the Academy of History nor to approach all these institutions or persons who previously made the “chay” the individual today in power. 5 – The power should not be used to attack by all means the previous ruling. 6 – The power should not be used to prosecute a person disagrees with the ruling today, whether that citizen an outspoken opponent or an opponent of lies. 7 – The power should not be used to give only as eternal friends who today is exercised, ignoring other friends. 8 – The power should not be used to gain the admiration, friendship, the intimacy of a woman or a man, so that (a) seems the great core makers be with who has the power. 9 – The power should not be used to buy consciences or to try to buy it who will never buy it. 10-The power, in short, should not be used, should never be used to make our Department a worse Hui la and for some, and our country, “a Colombia worse and for some families.” Obviously it must be clear that the Ten Commandments above is subject to the extensions contained in the New Catechism published by the Vatican for some time.

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