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Hello! Today I share with you a reflection on three types of people exist. This week I was working with the material I am (of course! Using NLP) and I found myself writing about something he had learned a while ago, during a seminar. There they had two men, both educated at the same university, both with the same age and from similar families (middle class, working parents, two brothers each, etc). In the era of economic problems, both were dismissed by the company where they worked, and were without any source of potential income. One of them began to look for work. Obviously, first looked into positions that were commensurate with their education, but had not. Then he turned to lower-level positions, where he closed the door constantly saying he was a sobre calificadoa .

There is no response worse than that. a It's like I like AmigOS te when someone loves a chicoa Then he returned home each day, tired, cranky, and sat in the big chair in the living room watching television. His wife's urging, tried to lift her spirits. Finally, one day he said a Oeno no work for me because there is no work. It makes no sense to continue wasting my tiempoo and from that day he stayed home, lying watching television, or taking with others who, like him, given up looking for what seemed the impossible: decent work. The other of these men was in the same situation.

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