Security Council Power

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Israel maintains potentially conflicting relations with at least 50 countries of mundo” A world where all the not aligned with the center of being able governing, with divine certification and sidereal root, as we said, will not be able to have the wished armament not even to their own defense. On such context, for that it dares to break the established poderil use (and it is armed by his account), it takes it makes specific warlike meaning the concept military or attacks ” preventivos” , and their wings also unfold to him slight knowledge like embargo, countries ” renegados” or ” forajidos” , sanctions, prohibition to the knowledge that takes to the development of nuclear capabilities or any other mechanism of pressure. Neither the more nor the less like in the past, when the knowledge in and an ignorance in others constituted the weapon of more powerful. Only the power unfolds the power. The Palestinians send stones to him to I exercise of the best one armed in the world.

The dream of the invulnerabilidad, today impossible when already existing nations ” renegadas” with being able nuclear (Iran, Korea), nevertheless it spurs towards purismo of the defensive concepts and offensive statements: the search of the perfect weapon within a closed circle of nations. What it has armed beyond the five permanent members of the Security Council of the UN and their correlative alignments are to be apostatized situations or States, therefore the armament is needed for own subsistence and defense. The order of the established power could not be harmed by the irrationality of smallest, less if they are armed. And the established power will only be able to be considered vulnerable by threats between equals (so it is the doctrine of the military power in the world), unique able of rationality on brings back to consciousness to be equipped with armament of massive destruction. The others, as we said, are States apostatized, luck of most dangerous irrational animalitos with being able nuclear (erasable, therefore, for the sake of the stability of the one power.

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