Repeated Problems

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The most common mistakes: 1. Mind you realize that he was not to blame for your troubles and your feelings for him should not change, but I still feel that you feel bad not only in the 'outside world', but with him, with your loved ones. Often, you start to think that he has not only become less love you, but generally treat you like something different. 2. You're immersed in a solution of the problem and forget about her man, forgetting about your contact with him. 3. Expect from a partner that he solve your problems, ie want to change the state of 'I'm in trouble' to state 'I am a man, because problem, he decided. " Would you like to have one replaced.

If it came to that, then the next step you 'fall' in state 4 and 5. 4. You treat a man with the request, but it seems to you that do not get it from you desired reaction. In contrast, the response to strangers is regarded you as the same, adequate, appropriate to you in this situation. 5. All married friends seem to you lohami and losers, but those who have no family (or a steady partner), prosper and enjoy life. These are your 'just thoughts' can ruin your relationship, to tear you apart.

What should I do? 1. Find justification for the partner. For example, remember how you used herself came to him and decide what it is like back to you, such as punishment for past mistakes. Remind yourself that he loves you and how he showed love. 2. It is important not destruction of the problems, and your ability over her 'get up'. Understand that the important thing is not the presence or absence of problems, and your ability, even under the pressure of circumstances, not to lose touch with loved ones. Sometimes these difficulties appear as if on purpose to check whether you can rise above them. If you get it, they usually either disappear, or at least get to you is not so important and paramount. And then even Repeated calls to the bank manager's requirement to make regular payments, no longer so interfere with your life. 3.Ne should expect from your partner's solutions of problems, consider this condition to continue your relations with him. Rise Above problems, understand that in the first place you should save your relationship, that you love one another, and especially that he loves you. And know that 'love – not like' this is not the same thing as 'decides – does not solve your problems'. 4 and 5. Should refer to its the same thoughts that came to mind a few moments ago. Most recently lohami and losers you people seem incapable of a permanent relationship. And in fact, many times your man helped you cope with problems and his reaction to them was of a completely adequate. As long as you remember it, you – together. If not – all your communication burst. Why make the effort? Your efforts are not wasted. You will be rewarded many times for them. In such changes of mood states, your love grows. It exists as a third element in your pair, living independently, developing its own laws. As a child, you want to nurture, setting them on different complexity of the problem, and your love gets stronger and matures as vital to overcome adversity.

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