OIT Workers

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Ten years later, in 1973 5,889 was edited Law n, regulated for the Decree N 73,841/74, improving norms contained in the previous law and the text that dealt with the relations of work in the field, beyond defining the concepts of employed better and agricultural employer. These conquests that if had firmed together with the consolidation of the CLT had taken Brazil to be recognized for the OIT (International Organization of the Work) as example for the world, for recognizing the problem of the slavery and fighting it. But in case that it does not receive support from the society, the government will have to be able limited of action. Being about denunciation for execution of these combats the government it counts on the contribution of that they know the places of these ' ' captivities contemporneos' ' (MATOS, 2009) that in its majority if they locate the places of very remote access, where in some cases if take days to arrive. Another contribution that if has in the combat to the enslaved work is the action of the Pastoral Of the Land created in 1975. Since then its performance is present in all the Brazilian states, but in some with bigger intensity due to the number biggest of exploration of the agricultural workers. The current legislaes forbid the slavery, but they do not obtain to eradicate the exploration of workers who do not enjoy of the freedom. This conflituosa relation between capital and work is presented by the media as process of barbarizao of the spaces of work for the workers and reproduced by and in the society as a movement that offers to constants threats the public order. The call Constitution Citizen of 1988, when establishing in the caption of the article 7, that, in verbis: They are right of the urban and agricultural workers, beyond whom aim at to the improvement of its social condition, relating after that the roll of rights of the Brazilian worker, it programmed the equal protection of law between the campesino and the urban worker.

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