Malaysia Quotas

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They had been enclosed in the Constitution of India, 1949; adopted for the State of Malaysia since 1968; implemented in the United States since 1972; in the South Africa, after the fall of the regimen of apartheid, in 1994; since then in Canada, Australia, the New Zelndia, Colombia and Mexico. Therefore, we have that to keep the system of quotas, therefore it is treated to recoup a measure of equality that must have been enclosed in the Federal Constitution of 1988. 5. The studies allow to affirm with security that the academic income of the corporate shareholders are, , equal or in general superior to the income of the pupils who had entered for the universal system, in accordance with Frei David Raymond Dos Santos. Against the system of quotas 1. The beginning of the equality one meets threatened by the system of quotas, therefore it deals with blacks and whites different form. This I begin is an essential bedding of Republic and one of the foundations on which the Federal Constitution rests.

Anthropologist Yvonne Maggie of the alert UFRJ: ' ' The discrimination exists in day-by-day and needs to be fought, but, if to enter in vigor the law of quotas, we will legally be constituting a country divided in races, and this is very grave.' ' 2. The system of racial quotas becomes compulsory retirement the vacant reserve for blacks in the federal institutions of superior education. If thus to remain, the Brazilian nation will start to define the rights of the people on the basis of the tonality of its skin, for ' raa'. History already condemned these attempts painful. 3. Directed politics the groups ' raciais' you stanch on behalf of social justice do not eliminate racism and can until producing the effect contrary, giving legal endorsement to the race concept, and making possible the acirramento of the conflict and the intolerncia.

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