Human Development

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Our cities are characterized by welcoming people of different origins. Some come in search of new opportunities for work or study or follow in the footsteps of relatives who preceded him. A sense of belonging and not others. Some are happy and others seek the first opportunity to return. Some people already feel as if they were natives and others who are still considered outsiders. In any case, we live mixed, intertwined, and we accept each other. In reality is not so easy to know who is here and who is there.

We invite you to answer the following test. If you are here to reaffirm their identity. If on the other hand, you will discover how close (or far) that is to resemble Here: 1. The first thing anyone does in the morning Here is a. Prepare the coffee b. Take coffee, c.

Ask the neighbor a little water to make coffee; d. Bathing (When there is water); e. None of the above. 2. The water color Here is a. Cloudy b. Crystal c. Cloudy but an effort can be taken d. Costly e. yCual water? 3. The first arrest was made here to protest the lack of water was a. Twenty years ago, b. Ten years ago, c. Two years ago d. A year ago, but you could not leave because no water for bathing. 4. Indicate which of the phrases heard most often: a. “This town is going to end”; b. “This year has been worse than the previous” c. “So and so stole but did”; d. “This is not anybody manages” e. All of the above. 5. The people here are characterized by: a. Throw the trash in the street; b. To say never again to vote and then vote on a friend’s friend (“I do it because it is you, compadre” and then come back to repentance, c. Voting for anyone other than the group that has ruled over the past seven years d. regret having voted for who voted for him and long for the days of those who criticized both e. All of the above. 6. Where pave a road: a. The baptized with name of any politician of yesteryear; b. Shortly after the break because the water supply company should do some work, c. The municipality is borrowing and paying it lasts ten years; d. Rainwater (or others) and sand are responsible to clear the pavement. E. yCual pavement? 7. The most representative symbol of Here is a. A crab because it represents how we move; b. The tail of a cow, because it symbolizes how we progress: back and bottom; c. A chameleon, because it represents the beliefs of the majority; d. A toad and you do not know why. is a renowned Colombian journalist and writer, a teacher linked to several Colombian universities. He is the author of four books and co-author of three others that address the topic of leadership, ethics and Human Development. It is often invited as a speaker at conferences, forums and other academic events.

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