Hamurabi Code

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– I.DOCTRINA 1. INTRODUCTION In the present work diverse subjects of the codification are developed that are the following: majorities, amplitude of the codification, boundary of the subject, origin, codification, classes of codification, codified right and straight not codified, advantages of the Codes, disadvantages of the Codes, consolidation, codification and consolidation, decoding, recodificacin, codification and specialization, codification and specialists, sources for the writing or modification of a Code, Code of Hamurabi, codification in the Roman right, the codes in the states that belong to the family of common law, when it corresponds to elaborate a Code, that it elaborates a contemporary but important Code, Codes, codification and schools of the right, legislative technique and codification, characteristics of a Code, Codification in straight Peruvian, preliminary title, the codification in other States, compared right and straight codified, fundamental Code and Classification of the Codes. These subjects are divided in the present work in three parts that are doctrine, classifications of the Codes and conclusions. It is a complex subject so that few antecedents in the Peruvian right as in the foreign right exist as much, in addition we must need that the present work cannot be taken into account like a positivista work, since in the same it is not defended to the Codes. 2. MAJORITIES The general part of the subject codification is a part of the well-known right little and little studied by the jurists. In such sense it is important to study this part of the right. The part of the right in which it corresponds to study this subject is in introduction to the right, philosophy of the right, compared right and the branches of the right that count on codified right. 3.

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