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Maurice Halbwachs tells in its sociological thoughts on the memory, that has not felt seno in relation to a group of which it makes part, therefore assumes a real event long ago lived in common e, therefore, it depends on the reference picture in which the group and the individual evolve presently certify that it. This wants to say that ' ' eu' ' its duration is placed in the point of meeting of two different series and for divergent times: that one that if abides by the aspects livings creature and materials of the souvenir; that one that reconstructs what it is not more if not of the past. But what I would be of this, seno I was part of an affective community, of a way efervescente, which it tries to move away itself at the moment where remembers itself? The individual memory exists, however it is tied with the diverse pictures that the concurrence or the contingency reaproxima momentarily. The personal rememorao is situated in the curtains of the multiple meshes of solidarity inside of which we are inserted. That is, nothing it escapes to the sincronia of the existencial tram of the current society, and is of the combination of these diverse elements that can emerge this form that we call souvenir, because we translate a language and this relation is that it generates the memory. Inside of this sociological look regarding the memories we can reverse speed-mean the activity of the writing. By means of a memorial we can identify positions clearly, politics and vises of world of a time. Although the existence of the individual memory, the collective memory, in this context, if becomes an incessant starting point for the construction of the individual one, therefore this individual one not only involves an interpretation of the proper life, but also of others. Therefore it is that the memory is an exercise stops beyond the individual one, that is, is centered in the collective.

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