Great Patriotic War

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But to refer to it and refers to him not because he hurts the soul of its citizens. I know very well what his real attitude to the people. After the spring and summer of protest authorities have changed the vocabulary, but nothing more. With every step as president would have said, Here am I! What I want, I'm doing, and you do not even think about peep in response. I'm very impressed: a significant portion of our population does not raise voice against what is happening. In the hearts of the people settled fear.

What kind of change can there be? Is after those protests have taken steps to democratize the society? Justice, the press, the repressive machine – all in the hands of a president who no one believed. Family opposition politicians are under the watchful eye of security forces. All year there were events showing disregard for the people and society. The destruction of military glory in Memorial Kutaisi … Was not it a challenge? It Is not cynicism? Is not this a slap to people who have family members killed in the war against fascism? I'm very impressed, and I can not turn to their fellow kutaistsam who believed the tales of Saakashvili, that there be built Parliament and Kutaisi turn into another Paris. What happened to the people of this city? It's always been a thinking people. To this day, thank God, alive brother of my grandmother, who fought in the Great Patriotic War, then was taken prisoner and was willed circumstances, a party of the liberation movement in Italy, was awarded many honorary awards.

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