Good Orator

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The Methodology Sophisticates ' ' The good orator is capable to convince any person on any coisa' '. (Grgias) the sofistas formed a classroom of Greek masters that appeared in a period that understood centuries IV and V B.C. They were known as those who if dedicated to instruct and to educate citizens, therefore had been considered the masters of knowing, scholars capable to elaborate fascinating speeches, with intense being able of persuasion. The methodology sophisticates had as basic principles the opinion, the adhesion, the game of language, the presence of the orator and the receptive presence of the spectator. Some sofistas that had been more distinguished had been Protgoras, Grgias, Prdico and Hpias. They always worked with great groups of listeners, in assemblies and conferences. They did not remain in definitive place – they travelled very. They taught on a series of subjects as: physics, geometry, medicine, astronomy, rhetoric, arts and the philosophy in itself.

The knowledge was transmitted through the minute explanation of the master. It is as if all, at the same time and in the same way, they adhered to that idea, knowing that he was being transmitted and entered in a consensus. They had a limitless confidence in the power of the word, the capacity of the speech and had as objective to convince the interlocutor of what they were make a speeching. For they did not interest if what they were speaking was true, therefore the essential age to conquer the adhesion of the public listener. They had, therefore, a commitment with the victory in you strike argumentativos, and not with the truth. The rhetoric of the sofistas did not take the interlocutor to question the truth of the facts. For the sofista Protgoras ' ' the man is the measure of all coisas' '. From this idea, to think the man would be to think it about the society and to think it of form that this could be sobressair in the society.

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