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President Rodrigues Alves, nominated Osvaldo Cross, as Managing of the Federal Department of health She publishes that she had as objective the eradication of the epidemic of yellow fever in Rio De Janeiro, for this an enormous contingent of people was contracted to work in disinfection in the combat of the vector of the yellow fever, this contingent one was known as ' ' Guard sanitaristas' ' , that in turn he had certain authority to intervine next to community, however these ' ' sanitary guards ' ' they had caused revolt in the population due to clarification and arbitrariedade in the excussion of its tasks. This method of intervention directly next to population was known as Campanhista, being conceived inside of the militarista optics that if used the force and authority, with this method caused a great bad this next to population in this exactly temporary institutes it vaccination anti smallpox that was obligator in all parents and with this measure the population leaves as much more revolt. This fact marked history as being the Revolt of the Vaccine. In this period of the campanhista model, Osvaldo Cross had the initiative to give the first steps in organization of the health publishes Brazilian with reinforcements of collective services the health, as the infrastructure of a sanitary engineering, knowledge of the 0 variable of the health publishes, knowledge of the necessities of the Brazilian population in relation the health, beyond infra structure of laboratories and manufacture of prophylactic products for attendance in nursing homes. Decided part of the problems with regard to health, Carlos Chagas passes of the continuity the all process of health with estruturao of routine campaigns of action and sanitary education in all country. The law Eli Keys, was the percussora of the calls Boxes of Retirements and pensions that inclua in its incubencies the assistance medicates the relative next to the filiados ones.

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