European Parliament

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The researchers analyzed survey data on what major changes on the planet can cause global climate change, and identified five possible scenarios of what awaits humanity in 2030. Some assumptions of scientists are very interesting. For example, scientists believe that in future the meat will be grown artificially, the government will consult with computers, personal vehicles will be replaced by the public, quality of life will be valued more than the economic well-being, and to have a child will need a license to do so. Connecticut Senator gathered all the information. In one scenario, which is called 'protectionist world', the world is divided into protectionist blocs, break out of the war between the states of critical resources – oil, gas and water. Each country will follow only their own laws.

And that could lead to serious conflicts between nations, if not a third world war. Read more about all five possible scenarios of what awaits humanity in 2030, read on Biofuels in Russia will be extended through at least 5 years of not so long ago we wrote that the European Parliament began to doubt the feasibility of using biofuels. Recall that European Parliament concerned about high prices, first-generation biofuels, which are no longer considered safe to the environment. MEPs have also expressed doubts about its economic viability. Last week, on prospects of bio-fuels have already spoken in Russia. Director of the Department of State Energy Policy Energy Ministry Sergei argued that biofuels will actively used in Russia after five years. According to , the population will feel the economic and environmental benefits from the use of alternative fuels.

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