Eastern Europe

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Realities of two worlds, mine two worlds, mine two truths, one that I learned to coexist, and another one that I understood when knowing, becoming part of me for one determined time. A brief moment. For times it asked to me: – Why they do not leave them in peace? Do not leave its lands, our lands, my land, Plague, what it happened with Plague? Where I am? – My city, helps the people, the people, it, where it, this? – It was drowned, yesterday. – Ah? How? That it asks, however as, water, much water. – And now, as it will be of plus a family? What she will be of all the families? How it will be the return and it will be always the same return, perpetual? you are muss sein? , here in me also? you are muss sein? , here, in Sobral. – Where I am? My city, for times the union history and truth placed me around next realities, Plague being invaded and my flooded city being, the people of Plague being I banish, and for times obliged to be overwhelmd the situations of domination for other peoples, my imaginary city, and the people of my city of truth being obliged to sleep in the street, in way to degradation and the wills of others in giving temporary shelters, the ones to it that you are welcome had and had lost everything to that they had never had nothing and nothing they will still have for much time, to see the desperation of the people in escape for Switzerland or France, from fear the Soviet Union or to see families in escape from fear furious waters, that they take off lives and they delay dreams, to see families if separating of retaliation politics, or to see families from fear if losing in way the funerals, and insanities, temporary.

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