Civic Education

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Later, the author indicates which is the absolute rights: ) Personality, while quality of person and first absolute right; b) Equality, as synthesis of all the qualities of the nature human being; c) Freedom, that consists of the intelligence and will of freely the man if to determine; d) Sociability, established in the feeling of atraco of the men for bows of benevolence, affection and love. (cf. COAST, the 1866) On these absolute rights, author of the manual in I appraise, clarifies that they do not need test to become to be valid before the men and are equal for all, because the nature human being in its original constitution also it is, moreover, are inalienable because the man cannot hinder them. In the transistion of sc. XIX for sc. XX, one another Portuguese thinker manifest concerns that favor the respect for the Human Rights.

Sergio is about Antnio and its program of Civic Education and Citizenship. One has knowledge that Antnio Sergio would not have elaborated of form systemize and structuralized a philosophical theory on the world and the man, but this does not remove it merit because not if it ignores that it was more intervening in the society, mainly through the practical share and the great principles of the cooperativismo. Its workmanship: Civic education, undeniably that much contributes for the formation of the man in the direction of the valuation and fulfilment of values for the human rights. For the share and the thought it is acquired to carcter ethical. The strong nucleus of the philosophy for the citizenship, in Antnio Sergio, meets in the School that it considers half the most efficient one, since that possesss the instruments most adequate: actualizados and coherent programs; modern pedagogias and andragogias; well dimensionadas installations; professors, educators and formadores, sensetized for critical of the scientific knowledge and the technician; endowed with humildade spirit to learn with the pupils, educandos and formandos, respectively.

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