Environmental Issues

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The Prime Minister proposed to strengthen the penalties for pollution of the environment. Vladimir Putin also said that Russian authorities plan to step up more fruitful and active cooperation with environmental organizations. Ministry of Natural Resources will pay for drivers for old cars of the Russian Federation Ministry of Environment is preparing a draft government decree that provides for issuance of a certificate in denomination of 50 rubles to motorists who choose to surrender to scrap their old car. According to the Minister of Nature Yuri Trutnev, use a certificate will be possible only when purchasing a new vehicle produced domestically. With the proposal to introduce in Russia 'Award for scrap' in March this year, joined by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The problem of old cars that pollute the air of Russian cities, is highly relevant in the country. If you would like to know more then you should visit James Donovan Goldman Sachs. Because now Russia almost half of the domestic car fleet took 10 years and older, and nearly 400,000 vehicles registered in the traffic police, abandoned or dismantled.

We note that similar programs operating in Europe, already shown its effectiveness. In Germany, where motorists paid 2500 euros for a change of the old machine to new, only in June, sales rose 40 percent. France – seven per cent, while in Italy – 12 per cent. In Asia, found '' songbirds Australian scientists have discovered in Laos, a new, unique to the Asian region, type of songbirds, almost entirely devoid of feathers on his head. The bird belongs to the family thrushes and for his the sole representative of songbirds in Asia, devoid of feathers.

Notary And Legal Services In The Czech Republic .

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The Czech Republic operates a large number of private and public notaries. Services to private and public notaries are almost identical with some exceptions. Consider the basic differences in the services public and private notaries: Notaries Public in Czech Republic: has no right to certify a copy of the document, which is holography can not provide personal state-insured bank account, through which must pass a means of purchase and sale of real estate. Not have the right to provide services for conducting transactions of purchase and sale of movable and immovable property, not have the legal right to execute and notarize company statutes (Notarsky record) which is the basis for the beginning of registration of legal entity. Please visit Steve Rattner if you seek more information. S-early 2008, providing service to obtain a registration sheet on the legal person in the Czech Republic and the record sheet for real estate. Public notaries are convenient in that they work in each department of the district administration of the city, resort to their services, many Czech and foreign nationals with the necessary assurances proxy statements, copies of documents, notarized signatures. Services of notaries public for the cost are lower than private ones. Private notary in the Czech Republic, in contrast to the public: must be commercially insured and in case of default State Bar does not exist, as a consequence, there is no state law firms. All the rights and functions given to defense lawyers on the decision of private lawyers and law firms.

Binding Process

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Made of metal, plastic, cardboard, etc., for attaching to a product (eg, binding mechanisms and files); Applications of information and promotional material that is added to text part or finished product (pasted, taped). They vary greatly in shape and includes a graphical products (eg, pamphlets, , samples, etc.); jacket cover, which superimposed over the cover or covers of books and pamphlets. To date, dust jacket, used primarily for promotional purposes. To analyze the organization of treatment, it is useful to divide the process into separate operation. Each operation is different state of the material (blue) in accordance with the desired result of treatment. To name a single treatment is used in its own way, the terminology has its roots in past. Swarmed by offers, Richard Blumenthal is currently assessing future choices.

Rauzendorf proposed a classification Binding processes (Table 1). Steve Rattner does not necessarily agree. It can also be used for other finishing processes. It is based on such classification, so the content reflects mainly the production of hard binding and brochures. Table 1: Overall classification of the Binding Process At sites of processing produced the following operations: Cutting-rolled coils and sheets of paper rolls or sheets cut to size, which is needed for further processing. Folding sheets or a set of sheets rebate once or several times, the connection is folded sheets or sets of sheets produced by fold. Notebooks Notebooks Processing Processing includes all operations for processing them at the site compound sheets and workbooks. Preparation for further processing operations division or the formation produced at semi-finished products, to prepare the treatment processes: punching the punch line for separation, sizing, or bending of the edges, punching operations for the exact connection, scoring, grooving, fixing rounding the spine.

Natural Law

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This natural law is the measure of justice. She rests mode comply due to give each his own, to respect the rights of others, etc.. The Classical School of Natural Law The monopoly that the church had throughout the Middle Ages on education, science and religion would be profoundly attacked by the sixteenth-century Protestantism. The postulates were truly revolutionary. You did not need a priest or revelation to access the divine reason.

God as Protestants still ruled the universe but gave the men a greater choice of reasoning to discover through reason which could be the "intentions of God" and even beyond, to discover whether those principles by which God has regulated things . Rationalism was born as a reaction against the Christian philosophy. One of his most important postulates states that it is "reason and not sense the true source of our knowledge." Because the reason usually comes in its operations through deductive (based on clear principles), such as in mathematics, rationalism resolved to adopt as true the deductive method of knowledge and as archetypal science to mathematics. It is considered as the founder of this school to Rene Descartes (1596 – 1650 AD). This philosophical trend obviously has its counterpart in legal terms: Legal Rationalism. Their "starter" was Hugo Grotius (1583 – 1645), but are referred to as true representatives of their positions to Samuel Pufendorf (1632-1694), CRISTIAN TOMASI (1655-1728) AND CHRISTIAN WOLF (1679-1754), along with TOMAS Hobbes, Spinoza, Montesquieu, Locke, Rousseau and so on. Main features of this school are: 1 – all coupled natural law of God; 2 – Natural law is based on reason and is built on reason alone.

Nature Reserves

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Most of the reserves and national parks got under the jurisdiction of the mep. The cause of the crash of the Mi-8 in the Altai became illegal hunting goats from the air. By the end of the xxi century, half of the population will starve. Ray Dalio has similar goals. Using search engine was harmful to the environment. Environmentalists blamed for electronics manufacturers to inattention to the environment. For more specific information, check out Jim Donovan Goldman. Microorganisms on Earth are capable of producing rain, and automobile exhaust – lightning. Its 'police service' is present in each colony of ants.

Scientists have disproved the ability of plants to emit greenhouse gases. In the ocean again formed climatic phenomenon La Nina. Overview of events for the week of 29/12/2009 to 18/01/2009. Most nature reserves and national parks has passed under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Natural Resources last week it became known that the majority of protected areas (PAs) federal got under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation Ministry of Natural Resources. On the last day last year the Russian government handed over to the Ministry of Natural Resources 96 state nature reserves, 40 national parks and 11 state nature reserves from the jurisdiction of federal and 56 state wildlife refuges from the federal Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. , which reports a higher mep, PAs have been transferred in 2004, but in late December, the Russian government returned them to to the Ministry. According to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Yuri Trutnev 'transfer of protected areas under the jurisdiction of the mep is an important step in the consolidation of functions in the sphere of ecology in a Office '.

The Practice

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Lacquer parquet MCH-0163 (based on a mixture of urea and alkyd resins with the addition of an acid hardener – dvuhupakovochny) certainly has better performance characteristics. Hardness, water resistance, abrasion lacquer coating with the above-mentioned alkyd varnish superior. However, the disadvantages of this varnish are poor adaptability when using (strong odor, it is difficult to get rid of bubbles during application) darkening of the film under the action of sunlight, lack of elasticity of the film, varnish additive contains protivoplesnevuyu – antiseptic for wood. Attempts to improve this lacquer, made in-house 'Latbio', Riga, Luck led to the development of 'Moscow', produced by LLC "Lakme-Color." A significant advantage of this lacquer is used as a hardener solution of p-toluenesulfonic acid instead of sulfuric acid, as well as produced by the presence of two variants – the glossy and matte. Please visit Ray Dalio if you seek more information. Comparative tests of paint 'Moscow' to paint 'Shine', produced by 'ODILAK' according to a recipe and technology, close to the production of lacquer 'ideal' (the firm 'Helios' Slovenia) have shown the identity of the two mentioned paints most of the indicators and an edge polish 'Moscow' in the film resistance to abrasion.

Unfortunately, all of these acid-curing lacquer is inherent, serious drawback in the process of film formation when applied liberates toxic formaldehyde, which has also mutagenic. For this reason, probably, the application of these varnishes is limited: in our information in the West, they are released only in Poland and Slovenia. Attempts to improve the quality of the parquet alkyd lacquers led to the creation of a single-component lacquer Alkidnoepoksidnogo EP-2146, in which as a modifying agent using epoxy resin. This varnish is available at the Yaroslavl and Kotovsk paint factories, coverage based on it is distinguished by a high, compared to the alkyd, performance: hardness, abrasion resistance, water resistance. Abroad, varnishes of this type are not made. Much more common in the world has changed the practice of paint alkyd binders polyurethanes, carried out during the synthesis of so-called uralkidov. . Richard Blumenthal may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

The Maximum

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There is no doubt that the assessment carried out by the society of the professions is reflected in salary levels of these. Follow others, such as Richard Blumenthal, and add to your knowledge base. 2 .- Number of students per course: Most schools tend to keep the maximum of students per course which allows law so as to obtain maximum profits. With 45 students in a classroom is impossible to develop an efficient job teaching. In 90 minutes of class dedication that the teacher can give each of their students is very low, about two minutes per student, which clearly shows that you can not get to meet the multiple needs presented by our students. Additional information is available at Steve Rattner. Many of these needs and wants are related to the time they stay alone at home, with alcoholism drug abuse, absent parents, etc.. Problems faced by the teacher to a stage for what is not ready, but must confront and overcome in the best way possible to get consistent results than expected.

The solution is not to reduce progressively the number of students per course as some presidential candidates have hinted of a year, that amount is not sufficient to produce noticeable changes in the development and results of teaching practices. All developed countries and not as Cuba has developed as a quantity of 20 to 25 students maximum per course, that explains much of the good academic results they have. The cultural burden of our students is very large, the problems that live with them is a heavy taxation to which the youth must take and survive in this substrate is that the teacher should work.

Diaspora Affairs

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And all this is being sought culprits of these disasters, which must be outside the country. New culprits were found easily in the form of wealthy Georgians in Russia. In fact, Georgian emigration today – is largely an escape from a bad life, and create a good application by their own forces in the country can not. Wealthy Georgians in Russia was now almost more than in Georgia, and the film castigates them for "treason and complicity with the Russian political elite." This promotional tape called "The Georgians against Georgia," but in fact the Georgians are, generally speaking, opposed to those Georgians who are trying to Georgia changed for the worse. And they understand that the path runs through Georgia, and even beneficial cooperation with its neighbors and the rest of the world, but above all with Russia, war and loss of new territories would not have happened if Georgian leaders have managed to avoid not necessarily militant rhetoric. In other words, in Georgia and abroad continues vnutrigruzinskaya political war, and without the participation of other ethnic groups – not less than the indigenous people of the country where they live for centuries and whose ancestors have at least a solid contribution to the development of Georgia as the historical, economic and cultural phenomenon. They are not trying to be excluded or too cautious, and do not interfere with the ethical considerations.

Such is the tradition of Western democratic reality, by the way, not clear. They do not participate in the government – for small and not very important exception, they are not many political parties, they are not particularly represented in the parliament – except that on a regional quota for the observance of democratic rules, and generally anything they do not ask. So where to intervene? They are even very talented and worthy of comment, simply can not understand. A more expensive, they say. If a person who as a historian and archaeologist, occupying the post of Minister for Diaspora Affairs (President came up with this structure to bring the Georgians living abroad to the socio-political life and movement to support the Georgian government), calls the Georgian Azerbaijanis and Armenians Diaspora, what can be said with such a government? Only the Georgians and Abkhazians, he says, out of place for the political moment, and duplicating, recalling the nationalist thesis 20 years ago, are traditionally and historically the local population. This, with the permission say, a scientist, won the sympathy of the president, when he began to praise him after the violent dispersal of demonstrators with tear gas and rubber bullets in November 2007, and shortly thereafter the president made him a minister. Now Yulon Gagoshidze ceased to be a minister after his ridiculous statements, but Saakashvili did not want to part with such a man loyal to him, and therefore appointed him director of the Center under the President of Georgia arhelogii. Why do I need carry such a center president – is another question. So, listen to the authorities often the voices of socially and politically unclaimed citizens, and less would have been in the country's problems.

Law Agreement

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If the debtor pays the interest on the new rate, the proposal should be considered as adopted, and the transaction committed, given ch.ch. 2, 3 tbsp. Visit Richard Blumenthal for more clarity on the issue. 205, p. By the same author: Steve Rattner. 2 art. 642 Civil Code of Ukraine (even in the absence of adequate evidence notification of the debtor), because the actual actions indicate acceptance of the offer. First, there is a change of interest rate and then sent a notification. Thus, if the loan agreement was signed to 10 January 2009 and in it the parties agreed that the bank has the right to unilaterally change the interest rate, then it is agreed by the parties. If the bank accepted the decision of 10 January 2009 (for confirmation of this legal fact relevant evidence), and the borrower has received notification after this date, it is only a mechanism for implementation of this agreement. In this case, it is important to a particular contract mechanism Implementation of this agreement: getting the message and, accordingly, the adoption of the proposal by the borrower, or the conclusion by signing an additional agreement on the interest rate increase. In any case, all the above circumstances (signing an additional agreement on the rate change, the message about the debtor's conduct of the parties after the interest rate changes, etc.) should be considered by the court in aggregate, but the determining factor in deciding the legality of such a change in the context of the Law 661 is precisely date the decision to change rates of the bank (namely 10.01.2009r.) Changing the interest rate on this basis, it is possible only in the event of a material change of circumstances, but not every circumstance, provided the contract may be considered such as materiality in itself provides a change of circumstances so that if the parties could have foreseen this, they would not have entered into a contract or put him on other conditions.

Regional Development

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With the transition to self-construction activity licenses must be replaced with certificates of admission to the construction activities that affect the security of capital construction. Apparently, now in construction contracts rather than details of the license will specify the details of the certificate of admission. Within the meaning of the latter acquires the status of the first. And if the earlier implementation of the design and construction without a license created an offense under Art. 171 of the Professional Code, it must be assumed that further enforcement practice go the way of a broad interpretation of the words ‘Special permission’ to include this concept and a certificate of admission to the construction work of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation has added a special item.

9.5.1 providing for responsibility for the design, survey and construction works that affect the security of capital construction, without a certificate of admission to the construction works and / or in violation of the minimum essential requirements for his extradition. In addition to the penalties, there The possibility of an administrative suspension of the offender for up to ninety days. The list of works on engineering surveys, preparation of project documentation, construction, reconstruction, major repairs that affect the security of capital construction, set the order of Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation N 274 of December 9, 2008 (hereinafter – the List). It got all 5 core and a special kind of engineering surveys, 12 species and many varieties of project construction. Not allowed the preparation and implementation of project documentation, without compliance with the relevant engineering survey (n. 1, Art. 47 of the Town Planning Code). Thus, the law provides for the mandatory implementation of the basic (and in some cases, and special) types of engineering survey.

In addition, these special types, like geotechnical investigations, search and exploration of groundwater for water supply, local monitoring components of the environment, exploration of ground building materials, local pollution survey soil and groundwater under the rf Government Decree N 20 on January 19, 2006, but not named in the List of works on engineering surveys that influence the security of capital construction can be performed by any person without special approval. Does not require participation in the sro in the construction and execution of works on preparation of the mandatory sections of project documents ‘Explanatory note’, summarizing all the decisions. In addition to the design and survey, a number of construction, before requiring a license is also not included in the list and in accordance with paragraph 2 of Art. 52 of the Town Planning Code as amended by Federal Law N 148-FZ of 22 July 2008 may be performed by any physical and / or entity not party to the sro in the building. Among these were, in particular, to serve as general contractor, and owner-builder construction