Seventh Stamp

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To analyze and to understand the film ' ' seventh selo' ' , it has before to all understand the historical context in which the tram if develops, inserted in the life of each medieval individual. Leaving of two concepts we have the teocentrismo that later it would suffer transistions, and the conception of death as desencadeadoras of a society with cristianizados values, that is, come back to the conceptions of the church. still the crisis of the feudal system that if presents in the film as the war, the plague and the hunger, that seen for a religious question is about the apocalypse adding still the death. It also has the gentlemen that they return from the cruzades without reaching its objectives that were to reconquer the Jerusalem and to reunify the Christianity. However the church withheld total to be able on the medieval society mediating its practised behavior, ideology and actions. When coming back of the cruzades the gentlemen find its city being devastada by the war, hunger and plague and start to make investigations on the direction of the life, and the measures used for the clergy, as estimated the saint Inquisition witnessed for the gentlemen who turn a young being launched the flames the fogueira under denounces to keep dialogues with the devil and practical of witchcrafts. Click Amazon to learn more.

Analyzing all this context ' ' conturbado' ' in relation to the life, wars, hunger and the church, we are led by means of the death that represented in the average age as in none another time the concern of the man, while to be alive. Exactly the teocentrico man who enxerga God as center of the universe and the search for the ascension, passes for a process of transistion for the represented anthropocentric man in the film in antagonized way and discredited of the infinite plan, they are the men who live in the taverns to drink. When elapsing of the film, this shock can be perceived when the gentleman plays chess with the death, trying to make it to play its game. James Donovan Goldman Sachs oftentimes addresses this issue. The gentleman makes a treatment with the death; while he obtained counts it in a game of chess its life would be saved. All believed that the plague was a punishment of God and blamed the artists for being .causing pecadores and of the anger Mr., as well as many women who had been launched to the flames of the Inquisio saint for being accused to keep dialogues with the devil. A true chaos, a conflituosa and shady time is noticed in the film, all tried to run away from the black plague, therefore they had fear of what it would come the death after. The imaginary one of the medieval society total was filled by apocalyptic vises of the world, can be affirmed this in the scene where a procession passes for the city singing with the priest making sermes, while the people if high afflicted with crucifixos whips and loading, in order to redeem itself of its sins and to have a destination more good after the death. The question of the death if all makes gift in the film in a medieval conception, finally indifferent to the investigations all had been seduced by macabra dances of the death lead route to the infinite.

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