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Insurance in private health insurance for different occupational groups. Who wants to make sure private health insurance can not do as in the statutory health insurance easily, but must first of all certain criteria. Who don’t can free themselves due to his profession by compulsory insurance, which must be with his income the insurance limit 2012 50.850 euro in the year, to get the opportunity to change. The biggest advantage of the private health insurance is private health insurance benefits in their performances. This is disproportionately high, and stands head and shoulders over which the statutory health insurance in. To read more click here: TCF Capital Solutions. Tariffs can also according to own needs put together, which gives the advantage, only for pay, which they actually require services good earners. Who is so assured as there an employee in the private health insurance, can reduce his monthly contribution for health insurance so effortlessly. Also offer tariffs with Rebates or deductible can save more money in contributions.

The PKV officials in private health insurance for civil servants has some special advantages. Since they are entitled to state aid, it is possible to take out an especially favourable insurance. The employer assumes between 50 and 80 percent of the contribution to the private health insurance (varies depending on the State, and masters). Officials in the PKV can can also benefit from the aid also the members of their families as the children or a spouse. While previously only a few health insurers offered tariffs for civil servants, so speed is today and give you. Almost every health insurance now offers rates which is tailored specifically to on the State aid authority of officials. Families in the private health insurance the question after the right health insurance for a whole family is always a little difficult and depends on the individual circumstances. Also, it should be noted that in the PKV each child and Every insured person has an own contribution payable. A free family insurance does not exist here. Therefore, it is recommended to the family insurance in the car only in a few cases, many parents there would rather prefer the free family insurance in the statutory health insurance.

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