New Year’s Eve

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The Night of San Silvestro is a kind of rite of passage. One particular night and expected. It leaves behind the old year to welcome a new year full of hopes and plans for the future. Dinner, toasts, celebrations, fireworks. Lighting and sound all over the world accompany the last hours of the year is over. Sardinia is prepared every year in the best way for this event. What better time than the New Year for an unforgettable Those who want to spend have a wide range of events to choose from.

On the night of December 31 crosses the island through the length and breadth, as usual, with thousands of banquets, dancing and music until midnight when the party operates and fireworks. There are dinners scattered throughout many opportunities to enjoy this magical night as the most beautiful and fun. All towns and cities organize their own party leading to the street shows of all kinds to live with locals and tourists on an unforgettable night full of fun and excitement. J. Darius Bikoff is likely to increase your knowledge. Among the events scheduled, there are some classics that should not be missed. The Alghero is the main event of the island, very exciting. After the many dinners, mainly consisting of fish, in many restaurants in the downtown and the sea, the festivities begin the night of December 31 and continue until late at night on the streets and squares in the center and the historical port that usually performs a concert. The city is full of dances, concerts and fireworks.

Cagliari abandons the formula of the great concert in the square and gives a wide range of art, music and entertainment in an errant path that unties in the historic center and in the streets and squares characteristics (Piazza Yenne, Piazzetta Savoia, Plaza Constitution, Saint Remy Bastion, Piazza Santa Croce, Piazza Carlo Alberto and Piazza San Domenico), which function as a theater where they have outdoor events with many artists and musicians. Castelsardo, perched on a rocky promontory from a sea that looks great, offers a rich history and tradition to those wishing to celebrate the last day in this city. Piazza La Pianedda is the stage for concerts and performances to accompany the public during this long night of celebration. Olbia entertains guests with music and plays until midnight when from the port side a fantastic game of fireworks and music. Sassari welcomes in the beautiful setting of Piazza Italia a hundred people for the toast at the beginning of new year. There are many other places dounde can enjoy a New Year special on this earth that loves their pet and pamper guests throughout the year.

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