Mexico Education

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In my family, also I’ve found peace and harmony and I have learned to forgive, to forget the past and try to always live in the present moment, enjoy it and not worry about the problems of the future. Live every moment of my life with full awareness. Learn to listen to myself and others. Students are also excited by the way as I’ve taken classes, because they have made me very positive comments, since they mention that the way classes I’ve been in where I worry for them, carrying a sujeto-sujeto relationship, taking into account different aspects to its evolution as the values, devoting five minutes to reflect with them on different important aspects to life, as it is for example: Ecology, develop sustainable technological projects, give a meaning to their lives, take advantage of the time, be men and women of bien, etc. The holistic education is the most appropriate model to implement in the educational system both in Mexico and throughout the world; It is the only hope to save mankind and the world since it is the only model that encompasses all models that have been developed throughout history because it goes beyond, to achieve transcendence in life. Since the foundation of everything is education, it is urgent to carry this model that is the best to all corners of the world.

For a long time it has been mentioning that education must be comprehensive. The first article of the Constitution of Mexico mentions that education should be comprehensive, i.e. covering all the dimensions of the human being: social, spiritual and cultural. All those models that have been developed and implemented in the schools have been very good but something you have missed them because they have not given very good results. However, the holistic education model proposed by Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava is the most complete because it is an inclusive model that encompasses all other models.

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