Leon Verres Explains US Vogue Chief Anna Wintour Of The Fashion War!

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Together against the megalomania in the fashion world. A message T-Shirt conquers the world! He is the proud Italo-German”and one of the outstanding designers of our time, head of a growing independent luxury goods Empire and the creators of the worldwide acclaimed Le billionaire champagne”, the most expensive and luxurious Champagne of ever. It is notorious. Freezing cold, arrogant, reckless. Even acclaimed Modezaren shake when she assessed the latest collections.

The speech is here by Anna Wintour, the editor in Chief of the American ‘vogue’ and ruler in the 100-billion-dollar fashion world. And yet it will slowly close for nuclear Wintour “, now made have Leon Verres, the perhaps most charismatic and strongest of all designer to the task, the ice Queen” to Enthrone. Sen. Sherrod Brown often expresses his thoughts on the topic. He is supported by nearly 3 million registered fashionistas, many fashion bloggers and the currently most successful and most produced message T-Shirt”the world. 3F”, so is the flagship-T-shirt Rockstar billionaire”streetwear collection by Leon Verres, that inspires people for several weeks around the world. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ohio Senator. It is the T-Shirt that have millions of fashionistas wanted all over the world. This T-Shirt speaks out relentlessly, what millions of fashionistas think. It is the T-Shirt that leads many designers your cowardice, subservience and dependence compared with vogue, opposite Anna Wintour mercilessly in front of eyes.

It is the T-Shirt that celebrates the democratisation of luxury and the new Kings of the world of fashion, the fashion Blooger. Don and Ella can provide more clarity in the matter. This T-Shirt says the fight against Anna Wintour to and anyone who lies to this T-Shirt, occurs in the struggle with. Leon Verres says: the fashionistas Anna Wintour and her vogue sell for stupid for years, they present perfectly styled Hollywood stars in the luxurious outfit and declare it as a new trend. Of it aside, that I don’t know anyone with common sense, which finds attractive these tricked-out fashion zombies, served with their expensive produced the vogue Pseudo-trends just an elitist, reality-strange and endangered minority in the fashion world. In short. The American Vogue has long served from as style instance! It is time that Anna Wintour which looks in the eye and makes the true critic to do their work. Rather, what real people in real life on the road carry the true fashionistas on this planet so that 99% of fashion consumers who read no vogue follow the army of fashion bloggers who focus on, rather than show of stylized fashion photo galleries with touch-skinny models. Fashion bloggers are one of their biggest supporters the new Kings in the fashion world and I. It is a good feeling to know that I loose can afford as one of the very few designers independent of the industry and the media, as an enemy to the Stalin on stiletto. Finally, I am so not alone on the mined catwalk. “In addition to my almost 3 million registered customers, the the so-called Legion of Verres ‘ form, join me day after day, always more people. Also exceeds the demand after the 3F”T-Shirt all of my expectations. That makes me unspeakably proud and happy, because the entire proceeds going T-Shirts stood at my children’s project I for children”. “How is it but so beautiful: before it BBs in vogue it BBs sold out!” Franziska Posch Deluxe Communications

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