Industrial Safety

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Services in the field of industrial safety in enterprises – is one of the main activities of the group companies of the gce (GCE). See Sen. Sherrod Brown for more details and insights. In 1997 came the Federal Law 116 "About the Industry safety of hazardous production facilities in Russia, and experts from gce Group were among the first in the country assumed the role of educators. The experts had to train specialists in business basics: to clarify the terminology, etc. Today we do not have to convince anyone of the need to perform a series of measures to protect against man-made accidents and catastrophes. s to say. gce A leading position in the Russian rating consultants on industrial security, being a bridge between the company and supervisors. The Company has all necessary licenses and certificates to work in the field of industrial safety, and experts have gce exceptional experience and expertise in these matters. A bit of terminology: Industrial safety – an assessment of conformity of the object examination requirements of the industrial safety requirements which results in the conclusion. The complex of measures on industrial safety is included: the adoption and implementation of legal norms, performance , sectoral and departmental requirements and regulations. Necessary is to conduct organizational, technological and engineering activities aimed at preventing man-made accidents and catastrophes. Here are some types of industrial safety: Examination of industrial safety project dokumentatsiiEkspertiza Declaration of industrial safety of dangerous industrial obektEkspertiza industrial safety and other documents related to operation of hazardous production facilities Industrial safety examination of buildings and structures at hazardous industrial facilities (technical diagnostics of buildings, structures) Examination of industrial safety of technical devices used at hazardous industrial facilities (diagnostics of technical devices) to commission an examination of industrial safety you can call the central office in St. Petersburg: (812) 334-5561, 334-5562.

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