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The second part of our terms, at that time already bourgeois ideologists are not stressed, so all the people took the idea of the market with enthusiasm, only confirming the well-known and conventional wisdom is that "Revolution make honest (but often misguided) people, and its fruits are not decent people." Now just have to "wind the snot on his fist," taking an active part in discussions on the proposed question by asking, who did not hesitate, purely Russian question "Who is to blame and what to do." In modern Russia 130millionam man suddenly there was no room, they spare the government for them to organize a kind of euthanasia diplomiruet in many and no one, as it turns out, unnecessary and disastrous "bred" universities and academies, and then sends them to the unemployed, causing degeneration and extinction of natural population. We were simply escorted "to another world 'with' smile '. Virtually all production in Russia eliminated, because it was assumed that, firstly, they are not competitive, and secondly, they are still there is no one will work. And people are not opposed to his killing. They also take his own end with a "smile" in a command-administrative system used to trust the command, even assuming that among the possible thereof, and emergence of various villains and traitors to their people. The desire to live like Europeans, due to the consumption of imports, turned out that their production does not operate, respectively, have no place to work, no wages, and import buy no matter what. There remains only one "kiss off" and degenerate. But then the market will adjust everything to remain the "stabilization" and its ideological and economic masterminds, of course, without its people. Thus, catastrophic decline in Russia's population becomes an objective reality and irrevocable, and all attempts of our contemporary ideologues of showing sympathy for the people, remain "irrelevant" turned out "Superfluous" in this world, no more than "crocodile tears", and justify the possibility of "the rebirth of Russia," by events of the type "parent of capital" and various programs of industrialization, has long become raw material appendage of the West, no more than "shooting at the wheel" and "Rat Race" have nothing to do with objective reality..

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