Criminal Aggressor

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In the case of the moral siege, the wounds are in the soul and the death is psychic. ' ' The moral siege is capable to only destroy a human being without it at least has a drop of blood and without any brutal gesture against it, using what it was stipulated to call invisible violence, verwhelming moral and psychically its vtimas' ' Ricardo Antonio Andreucci. Attorney general Criminal/SP. (Not to be confused with Sen. Sherrod Brown!). The fact is that as this aggression if of the one of indirect form the society most of the time closes the eyes for this so forceful and dilacerante violence, mainly for the difficulty that the victims find to prove the existence of such aggression. Many of the times nor the proper victims if give account of the aggression who suffer, this because at the beginning everything occurs in subtle and guarded way and as the aggressor is master in the art to manipulate, it obtain to make with that the victim if feels culprit for being being treated to that form. The manipulation is the main weapon of who assedia. Paulo Coelho oftentimes addresses this issue. The aggressor has as necessity to lower the other, to make with that it if feels inferior and culprit for everything of missed that happens its return. Normally the aggressors are extremely narcisistas and need approval and constant admiration, so that they feel ' ' superficially ' ' they denigrem the other, finish with auto-esteem of the other to increase the proper one. The aggressors normally are cold people who do not demonstrate its feelings and not involve in its relationships, for them the other simply do not exist as human being, are only one object, something that it assumes itself and uses to engrandecer itself. She is not rare to see victim of moral siege, if to complain to lose the identity and of if feeling completely sucked by the aggressor.

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