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Cooperation of the crowdsourcing platform and the Amadeu Antonio Foundation in the project network against which has rightist scene the Internet has long been discovered for themselves: forums, video and music portals up to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, blogs and co as calling global network, the rightist scene the Internet offers many opportunities, disseminate propaganda to woo voters and to interact with other followers of the scene. Background already in the years 2009 and 2010 in the course of a cooperative has the Amadeu Antonio Foundation employed against right-wing extremism on the Internet. The enormous potential and commitment of our Clickworkers has made it possible, within only a few months in total to 1,550 different websites with extreme-right, racist and anti-Semitic content. This helped not only an overview of the right scene in the Internet, but also to active countermeasures: Internet pages have been removed and communication strategies for content comparison in websites could be developed on the basis of material gathered by our Clickworkers (see also: Clickworker against the right a start). Supporters of the right scene remain often undetected, the danger of social networks in social networks where there are just these networks, which it accomplished, to introduce also the mainstream ideologies: right-wing extremists can in normal discussions creep, to move the discourse on attitudes towards. Particularly teenagers, which reinforces social networks as a means of communication use, come in contact with the right-wing extremist scene unless they consciously realize it.

The rightist scene is represented also in entertainment-media communities such as music and video portals. So far-right players for example about right rock videos also on subcultures are trying to approach. When communicating in social networks, it’s not the ideology, which stands in the foreground, but rather everyday. Links to racist or anti-Semitic websites be installed usually only subliminally, which is why it is difficult to identify the right scene here at all. Right here starts now. Be active against the right rematch of the 2009/2010 project has recognized the danger of social networks and would like to proceed now in a new edition of the collaboration with the Amadeu Antonio Foundation against this. We put the energy and the social commitment of our more than 120,000 Clickworkers and design a new project where particularly in social networks right wing extremist content and specifically left to right-wing extremist, racist and anti-Semitic Web sites to search for. Each Clickworkers, who takes part in the action, gets a symbolic amount of one cent per order we want to make a social contribution and actively promote our company and hope for your help! Register now as Clickworkers

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