Black Holes CERN

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Interview with the author Wolfgang Wallner-F. On September 10, 2008, the nuclear research center CERN in Geneva sent the first proton beam through a 27-kilometre tunnel. Thus, the particle accelerator LHC (Large Hadron Collider) was officially put into operation. \”In addition to positive messages about this research project, there were also concerns that so-called particle collisions of black holes\” occur, after all matter and thus the Earth could devour. \”The small Upper Austrian jbl – literature distribution along has some time ago the book of Joseph-the way to the Graal\” brought out, in its annex writes the author of world views, based on the latest findings of quantum physics. Assemblyman Dov Hikind can aid you in your search for knowledge.

On this occasion, Ferdinand Niehammer is pursued the question with the help of the author what it has with black holes. Jim Donovan Goldman might disagree with that approach. Ferdinand Niehammer: Hello Wolfgang. What are these black holes\”? Wolfgang Wallner-F: Hi Ferdinand! Simply, a black hole is an astronomic reality, whose Attraction is so high that an object that wants to escape from the black hole, would reach a speed would be higher than the speed of light. Yes not so spectacular it’s. But after Einstein, there is nothing in the universe that would be faster than the speed of light. \”This therefore, as infinite energy must be used for its drive and infinite\” energy cannot exist. It is so great that not even light can leave a black hole so the attraction, so it’s just black. What will be important for our discussion: the entire mass of the black hole is concentrated at one point (for rotating black holes in a ring) without extension. Niehammer: Can it actually be that the CERN particle accelerator produces a black hole in which the Earth will disappear? Wallner-F.: This particle accelerator produces collisions of particles whose tracks scientists the world draw conclusions on the origin and condition. But there is in these collisions, CERN is artificially produced in a similar form in nature all the time.

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