Asperger People

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People with autism find a positive self-confidence In June, the Autistic Pride Day takes place for several years. For even more opinions, read materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown. This day celebrate people in the autism spectrum that they are as they are, and the autistic culture. People with autism are a marginalized group in our society, autism is considered a disease and attempt to treat or cure. Autistic child but want to be themselves – and a so-called “cure” of autism would just come the destruction of their personality. You have not see autism (or Asperger syndrome), but see intolerance and lack of acceptance, barriers, provided to them by our company. Since autism via Internet to communicate, an autistic culture is created gradually. That may sound strange – but also other communities have their own culture, for example the Deaf culture. While autism used sporadically and often lonely (among many non-autistic) lived, they could now communicate and meet each other.

In this Exchange mainly via the Internet, but many people with autism to a positive self-esteem – an experience that previously was been deprived them of found partly also in the “real life”. And so they decided to organise the first Autistic Pride Day in 2005. It was an annual event, and 2008 was celebrated the Autistic pride Day for the fourth time – this year under the motto “Respect rather than compassion”. Actions, discussions and meetings of autistic people are held around the Autistic Pride Day. Autistic pride means who are not autistic as well as other people is pathologizing views of autism and autism – instead of rejecting it as an inherent aspect of the personality and the character to be considered autistic. Simon Sundstrom

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