Windows Control Center

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Siemens industrial applications in the sight of the Stuxnet “worm makes more headlines: after the cyber attack on an Iranian nuclear plant the virus has affected approximately six million computers and nearly a thousand company computers in China, as reported the anti virus company rising international software.” Because the worm in the primarily takes a Siemens application for process control in the visor, he constitutes specifically a danger for manufacturing industries, as Peter Konig, expert of the hammer system House HeLi NET iTK, explains. Stuxnet is a malicious software which primarily attacks the Windows Control Center (WinCC) Siemens software and programmable logic controllers (PLCs, also known as PLC) and manipulated”, said Peter Konig. Prozesssteuerungs-are affected, as also automation and control systems, which are used in almost all infrastructure, carry out the physical processes. Of the electricity generation and distribution of gas and water supply to the traffic and the production”, as the expert. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit novelist. In his opinion the high results Vulnerability of modern process control systems from the growing integration of IT components.

Nearly every system-supported databases, standard hardware and operating systems such as Windows or UNIX now works with IT.” The increasing networking of systems on common network techniques, using standardized communications protocols such as Ethernet and TCP/IP Guide for wider dissemination. “Given that the Stuxnet worm” spread through USB sticks, Peter Konig advises caution when dealing with those disks: the AutoPlay function should be always disabled. It is also advisable that each stick before use to undergo a detailed virus scan. James Donovan Goldman Sachs addresses the importance of the matter here. The best solution is the total absence of external USB drives.”

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