Venezuelan Reserves

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Surprising similarities in this case of the transfer of the Venezuelan reserves that are interesting to study, by the intervention of the communist government of Stalin of the Soviet Union in Spain especially exist, as it is being intervention of the Government of the brothers I castrate in Venezuela. The government of Chvez is desperate, as he were it the republican government Spanish who was considered by the governments of the Europe of 1936 like a government of strong communist tendency and who put in danger the political balance of Europe. It is not necessary to indicate like is considered the Venezuelan government of today on the part of the western free world, that shines for them like heir of the older communist dictatorship of all the continent. The countries of the Europe of 1936 signed a pact of Intervention in the Civil War of Spain and did not suspend the shipment of arms to the contenders, but Germany de Hitler and Italy de Mussolini did not stop sending arms to him to Francisco Franco. This convulsed to the lefts worldwide in favor of the Republic that caused that Stalin made the decision to support the republican Socialists. But that was not free and had a cost that the Spaniards paid with their international reserves.

The 13 of September of 1936 the Government of Long Horseman decided to transfer outside Madrid the reserves of the Bank of Spain from fear of the pro-Franco advance. This decision was taken privily (some similarity with our reality) and illegal according to experts of the time. The 14 of September of 1936 the Directory of the Bank of Spain meets and the private shareholders abiertamente were against to the decision, resigning their positions. From the 15 of September the reserves to the naval base of Cartagena are transferred by train. The 16 of September of 1936 are born Operation X in consisting of Moscow the transfer from arms without identification to Spain for the support from the war.

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