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The daughter claimed that loves Karim, and her nobody else is needed. Check with Author to learn more. This for me was the last straw: I kicked her daughter out of the house … Tanya gained her some things and gone … For six months I was waiting for his daughter to return, think better, but Tanya did not come. Her friend Joan, he ran up to me one day visit told me that Tanya Karim rents an apartment to live in peace, fun, and it is often their guest. After repeated requests, the girl gave me the address of her daughter. I baked cakes and the next day met with them.

I found the right street, house, apartment, rang the bell. The door was opened by his daughter. Its very short robe almost completely covered with little round belly. Tanya forgive me, permit enter, we had a long talk, then came Karim. I first saw with what kindness and tenderness he treat my daughter … Since we live in a family, growing up Artemka, daughter in-law was still in love and happy, and I'm glad that they have everything well. Irina, a former librarian, 40 years, I never got married, I never had any luck: men with whom I met turned out to be married, or drunk, but mostly I quickly found a replacement.

I did not even know what reason. Very much worried about it, looked for and found a lot of shortcomings. It was horrible … One friend advised me to apply to a marriage agency. A week later, I gave your data, and after a further week met Steven. Now (three years) I live in the States, my husband works, and I look forward to his home, cook our traditional Ukrainian borsch with dumplings. We are very happy, but at the fact that I had not bad luck with men, I think it was just not a destiny … marriage – this is one of the most important stages in life, no matter what nationality, color of skin and eyes will be your choice, as long as it is, above all, a good man and you were happy …

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